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"This was taken at Ft. Baptiste March of '98. I was sitting in front of the corncrib, talking to some guys from Arkansas about trade beads, while sewing a pair of mocs for Cassidy."

"This is my friend Blue Cheeks. One of the best rifle shots I know. Also one of the toughest ladies I know. She and her husband make everything they have. They brain tan and bark tan all their own leather. Even the stock of her rifle was made from the old walnut tree that stood in the front yard."

"Talking to the Alief Middle School outside Houston Texas about the French Traders from the late 18th century in East Texas."

"This one was taken at Fort Loudon, Tenn. in 1993. I was watching White Horse hand make a new 'roach spreader' out of copper."

(L to R) Tim Shaw, Bill Trottier, Clabert and Maxine Trottier at Danny`s in Youngstown, NY. after a two and a half hour tour of Fort Niagara from Tim.

Tim Shaw is a staff writer for On The Trail Magazine and Maxine Trottier is a school teacher and published children's book author. She is currently working on a historical novel, soon the be released.

"Clabert, painted for war, a few minutes before going into battle at Ft. Ticonderoga"
Clabert in the blue, playing lacrosse with the natives.

Clabert playing lacrosse with the natives at Fort Ticonderoga, NY during the Grand Encampment June 26, 1999.

Fort Baptiste Christmas of 1998. Cyndie did the whole cabin in Colonial Williamsburg Christmas greenery.

Sarah Melcher keeping watch as a picket at Crown Point, NY, August, 2000.

Sarah's Group of Rangers, at Fort Ticonderoga, NY, June 2000.

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