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Links to my Friends and Favorite places.

American Longrifle Association

Burke1777 Web with sound Accounts of the famous Linville Gorge treks.

Caywood Guns

Clark & Sons Mercantile, Inc. Heirloom Seeds and "The Camp Blanket"

Fort Jean Baptiste, Natchitoches, Louisiana

Finger Weaver

Andy Cheney Storyteller of the Life and Times of the 18th Century

Keep on Trekking with Granny Lin

Maxine Trottier - Professional Writer and friend. Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World

Scalping during the French and Indian War

Scott Allen's Longhunter's Basecamp

St. Clair Flats Historical Encampment


The Official Coalition of Historical Trekkers

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Wild Billy's Frontier Cabin

The Woodland Confederacy

Write At Home - CÚleste perrino Walker, Professional Writer and friend.

Writing Implements by Paul Terban of Terban & Co.

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