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"Trekking in the Wilderness"

Linville Gorge

Cutting its way through the mountains over millions of years; garnering its name from the frontier family killed within its walls; serving as a supply hideaway for the Confederate Army; landing a starring role in 1992's epic The Last of the Mohicans ... this spectacular locale has indeed made its mark.

Located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina, Linville Gorge is now a designated wilderness area, home to bear, turkey, grouse, and pockets of virgin forest. It's rugged appeal makes it an ideal place to recreate our frontier past; exactly what Michael Mann did here during the filming of LOTM.

Annually, a group of living history re-enactors make a trek through the 12 mile long gorge to partially relive this storied past. Here are the details of one of the treks taken in October 1998.